Saturday, July 26, 2014

BUMPdate, 20 weeks: That time that Tilly grew a tail...

You know I always have a funny story… soooo… let me entertain you for a moment…

Once upon a time, there was this mother, who had a little boy, that taught her everything she needed to know about patience. (see this post) Well, 2 years after that lesson of patience, the mother apparently forgot all about her growth in said “patience land”. She found herself pregnant again, and not knowing the gender of Baby E to the 2nd degree… This mother, she’s a bit of a “planner” per se. The unknown was driving her bonkers. Like, just need to know, now, what this baby is. Plans need to be made. Things need to be painted. Clothes need to be sold or re-organized. NEED TO KNOW. (Before I continue, let me recognize the fact that there are those out there that CHOOSE to not find out the gender *yes I said CHOOSE*, I applaud you people. I can’t do it. Wouldn’t even entertain the idea. But you, you deserve applause.) Anywho… back to the story… So “I” was restless, desperate for an answer. Some of you may know that we found out at 16 weeks that we were pregnant with Tucker. We kept that little blue secret for 2 weeks until it could be confirmed at the OB’s office. As soon as we found out we were pregnant again, I hoped that we could find out early again… boy were we in for a treat. I was threatened/warned by several friends that because I couldn’t be patient, we wouldn’t be able to find out. “Serves you right for not having any patience”, they said. Let me just give you a run down of how “finding out” at 16 weeks, and ACTUALLY finding out at 19 1/5 weeks looked…

16 Weeks, I call Jessie (the gypsy) to see if she is still doing scans, and if she can scan us again. (She is actually the one that scanned us at 16 weeks with Tucker.) She received the “gypsy” nickname because she has a mobile unit and has many options for the scan location. So, Jessie scanned the ole uterus at 16 weeks flat. This is what we saw…

My immediate first thought was, “Oh sweet, we are having another boy”. I kept this thought in the safety of my brain. Jessie continued to scan and look, and look, and look, and finally decided that she thought it was a little girl and her “girl parts” were swollen. (Whatevs, you do this, I don’t. I trust you.) I voiced my “boy” opinion, and she kept looking. She decided she didn’t want to make a call either way. Safe, but not what I needed.

Fast Forward, 6 days: A friend at the office knew a lady that worked the mobile unit for the Pregnancy Crisis Clinic and agreed to give her a call and try to set us up an appointment. On that Friday afternoon I met the Hubbs in the Hobby Lobby shopping center at the mobile unit. Guess what they found…

Yeah… that’s a “hamburger”. (Girl)

I made peace with it, that’s 2 (kinda) girl ultrasounds in 2 weeks. The baby is healthy. I can do this. Pink, bows, glitter. I got it. So, I went shopping, of course. And I MIGHT have gone overboard, of course. Whatever. I was gonna be a girl mom. Hubbs began to call our "daughter" by name, Tuck would tell you his "baby sissy's" name is "Tilly Wade" on command, I hope you are all laughing by now Tilly.. yeah, she grew a tail.

Fast Forward, a week: Jessie (the gypsy) was called in because I was just struggling with the inconclusive original ultrasound. She agreed to do another one since it had been two weeks, and I would be 18 weeks, and things should be pretty obvious by that point. The wand no more than touched my belly and BAM, there it was on the screen….

Yeah… That’s a “hotdog”. (boy) No doubt about it. At all. Good thing I kept all those receipts for those precious dresses and rompers I had just recently purchased. All I could do was laugh. Serves me right. Patience is a virtue folks. A virtue.

So... We are having a boy. Tuck is getting a brother. He is still referring to the baby as “Baby Stinker”. We are working on “Baby Tate”, but no luck on that catching just yet.

Pregnancy Highlights: FINALLY getting a concrete gender.

How Far Along: 20 weeks on the nose, we are HALFWAY there folks !!

Size of baby: little T is weighing in at a hefty 11ozs.

What is baby up to:  Baby’s digestive system is already working on that first big poo. Nastiness. Plain and simple.

Gained/Lost: I didn’t weigh this morning. I’d say 10+ lbs so far.

Maternity Clothes: No official maternity clothing yet. I’m chalking it up to the season of dresses.

Gender: BOY!! Tate David Edgington
Movement: Apparently I have an “anterior placenta” this go around. This means my placenta (the food and blood source) are attached on the front side of my uterus this go around, causing a buffer between baby and outside belly. This also acts a buffer for movements. I knew I hadn’t been feeling the ninja kicks I had felt with Tucker at this point, but I had been feeling some “flopping stomach” movements, so I wondered what was up. I still haven’t felt a straight up punch or kick, just major pushes that make my belly hard in spots.

Sleep: What’s that? No seriously, I sleep, some. A little. And then I wake up to pee.

What I miss: The fair is coming to town, and I’m going to miss the Zipper, and other death defying rides.

Cravings: Granny smith apples with peanut butter and salt, sausage, egg and cheese biscuits, sour anything, chocolate milk, watermelon, and kit kat bars

Aversions: The sniffer is still sensitive from time to time. The smell of bleu cheese anything disgusts me and makes me want to hurl.

Symptoms: Some occasional heartburn, pregnancy brain (it’s serious), the stretching sensation has begun.

Best Moment this week: Stocking up on clothes for the boys with my Momma in tow.

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  1. You are too funny!! Glad you did finally get a concrete answer! My placenta was in the bottom front with P so I know all to well the not definitely movements.